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Value & Beliefs


We have a desire to stretch out abilities and energies to surpass our business goals. We play to win.


We take pride in valuing integrity above everything else.We believe in a transparent and honest approach with all our associates, customers, employees and other stakeholders.


We respect dignity of all individuals and encourage an environment of openness with one another.


We see excellences as a way of life. A second nature. In everything we do.

Founder’s Message

JEEnius Intelligent learning Systems is a movement in education to invent, test and produce and execute the best fusion of online content and analysis to classroom teaching to bring out the best potential of the student.

We take more pride in the fact that each and every student at JEEnius learns analytical skills, techniques and values, to stand by him/her in all of his / her pursuits in life and not merely in a few competitive exams.

We at JEEnius are committed to providing quality education in a highly competitive and healthy environments with the best infrastructure. We strongly believe in sparking a desire in your minds. As for the energy, it is within you. Our alumni are our true brand ambassadors. We take great pride that some of them have reached enviable positions in their professional lives in India and abroad.

Not to rest on the past laurels, we are working to expand our horizons in other parts of India and have also transcended geographical boundaries with our Portal As a result, JEEnius’ time tested formulae of success are percolating to students in all parts of India. We have now embarked on a journey to revolutionize the competitive and formal education scenario of the nation with an all new energetic and visionary outlook, We are making committed effort to bring modern technology into our education and testing system without losing our traditional values. We will soon be seen and heard in the web space in hitherto unknown and unique ways.

While we sincerely thank all alumni, students, parents, staff and stake holders for their association with us, we encourage and welcome all new students to become a part of this revolution as we continue our journey to modernize education and cross geographical boundaries to reach you with passion.

I wish all students a very successful academic year ahead. Your aspiration is our inspiration and your destination is our reputation.

Founder’s Profile :
Ram Bhatia

Ram Bhatia hails from a humble background. Early childhood and schooling was in a small township. Nathdwara, in Hindi medium govt school. His graduate studies were completed at IIT- Bombay in the civil engineering branch in 1985. The roots and value of hard work, entrepreneurship and honesty are credited to the family, schooling and the wonderful 4 years at the beautiful and vibrant campus of IIT – Bombay (Powai).

The first exposure to a job was by way of experience as a junior engineer at Durgapur steel plant. However, he moved to Kolkata within a year, in pursuit of more demanding work and career options.

With hands –on knowledge of civil engineering, using desktop computers, he engaged with international Engineering Group and completed design of large structure, including dry port (shipping decks), skyscrapers and various other design functions for 3 years.

In 1989, he joined Tata Tea Ltd. And for the next five years was involved in various engineering projects in the North East. During his tenure in Tata Tea, he acquired professional management skills, as also strong values of good corporate governance and honesty.

In 1994 he shifted to Udaipur near his hometown, and was engaged as a project manager with Shree Rajasthan Syntax Ltd., wherein, he played a key role in building a synthetic yarn unit from foundation to commissioning of the plant.

To cater to his intrinsic desire of initiating a venture of his own and to be of use to the immediate society, he began coaching students for IIT-JEE & NEET and laid the foundation stone of Cambridge classes (now called Cambridge Edupreneurs), on 25th August 1998. During the first session, teaching four statement across the table, he enabled securing of IIT ranks by two of them. In the next few years, he was established as the best physics teacher and a counselor cum mentor to the aspirants of Udaipur city and division. With his hard work and dedication. Erstwhile Cambridge Classes soon became the top – class coaching institute in Udaipur region and was the favorite choice of most talented students.

Enthused by the success, he expanded horizons and started a study centre At Ahmadabad in 2004. He steered Cambridge Classes (now called Cambridge Edupreneurs) and its students to achieve All India Rank of 5, 23, 46, 66, 119, 121, 161 and so on. With a vision of the future, the company was incorporated under the Companies Act 1956, as a private limited company in the year 2006.

Under his stewardship the company has come a long way now with hundreds of students sent to IITs and thousands to various other reputed institutes of the country. With the vast experience of the coaching industry and students mentorship, he now envisions expanding horizontally and vertically in the education sector and start JEEnius. In the portal that would provide best function of online support toe Class –room Coaching.

The company has been given a new identity and logo.
On the personal side his interests include reading, music, net surfing etc.
He is an ardent believer in God.

New Corporate Identity

At JEEnius we have embarked on a journey to revolutionise the nation’s landscape of engineering/Pre-medical exam preparation and the way you approach elite exams like IIT-JEE/NEET.

Symbolizing an ‘inspirational mind’, the JEEnius logo puts forth the promise of opening up a world of possibilities for today’s youth.

  • JEEnius is a word coined after merging JEE and GEnius to indicate a venture that identifies a need and creates solutions to address it.
  • The green filled – in circle signifies the head and the brain The tick marks symbolize success and pointedness represents the sharpness we give to an aspiration mind.
  • The red font of the logo represents ‘action with passion’.

JEEnius provides not just academic excellence but an all-round success in various facets of life. The 4 colours in the logo represent this all round success in life.

  • Yellow : Intellect & knowledge
  • Red : Passion & action
  • Green : Growth & leap forward
  • Violet : Imagination & creativity

JEEnius being a proactive entity, the willingness of the organization to constantly strive to reach out of you, has been signified through the 3D approach of the logo.
The logo has not been confined within any borders to indicate the innate approach of the organization, which lies in being open to new ideas and innovation, The urge and encouragement with which JEEnius helps its students explore opportunities beyond boundaries is therefore reflected in a philosophical way. All these elements have been combined to represents JEEnius and portray it as the ideal destination for creating a successful life through Study Centre Programs for IIT JEE, NEET, National Talent Search Examination and Olympiads as well as Distance Learning Programs.

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